Wine Tasting Evening


“Vassilenas” welcomes chef Manos Garnelis’ exciting new signature tasting menu with a wine-tasting evening featuring the expertly matched selections of  Maria Delitsikou, the sommelier of our restaurant.

At its new urban address, the gastronomic orientation of the oldest restaurant in Athens remains firmly rooted in authentic Greek flavours.

The dishes are paired with 5 excellent wines and a tsipouro from Greek vineyards, chosen to best showcase the evolving modern Greek wine scene.

The evening marks a return to the well-known wine-tastings of “Vassilenas”, which have underscored the importance of a harmonious alliance between food and wine, resulting in a holistic and memorable culinary experience.


Holidays & Opening Hours

Sunday 24/12, Christmas Eve 19.00-24.00, Monday 25/12, Christmas Day 13.00-23.00 Tusday 26/12, 13.00-23.00 Sunday 31/12, New Year’s Eve 19.00-24.00, Monday 1/1, New Year’s Day 13.00-17.00

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