Vassilenas menu 1960-1990


For decades, Vassilenas has prided itself on its philosophy of serving a selection of Greek appetizers, without a la carte choices. “At Vassilenas, you simply do not order. You come here to eat and follow the terms Vassilenas sets out for you,” notes New York Times Publisher, Arthur Sulzberger.

There were no precise recipes at the time, and they were passed on verbally and spurred by memory, but it was always magical that the food was always the same.

The recipes of that period have never been written down and we invite the older guests to recollect their Vassilenas memories along with us, and for younger diners to simply try out an effortless, authentic, Greek bourgeois cuisine devoid of unnecessary ‘innovative’ interventions.

In order to get a complete understanding of the gastronomy of the period, you can pair the dishes with new-generation retsinas, offered at a 30% discount.

The menu

  • Greek salad
  • Taramosalata (Fish roe spread)
  • Marinated anchovies
  • Cheese with roquefort and butter
  • Athinaiki fish salad
  • Shrimp saganaki with tomato and feta cheese
  • Fried red mullets
  • Stuffed vine leaves
  • Mincemeat patties
  • Chicken in red sauce
  • Dessert

Price €25