Sunday casual lunch


Sunday lunch. For Greeks, the most heartwarming day of the week.
We used to gather around the family table and chat along while we ate our favorite dishes, cooked with that special care reserved for a special day.
Was the food an excuse for a ritual get-together or was those precious moments the miracle produced by the food we ate?

Probably both!
And they still are. As of November 24, every Sunday at lunchtime, families and groups of friends gather again at “Vassilenas” for a casual lunch.

Mezze, simple and hearty family-style dishes, are shared by guests in a casual environment of contemporary elegance.
Pan-fried greens with beetroots and grilled manouri cheese, split pea purée with spicy homemade sausage and pickled onion, local Greek lamb with handmade pappardelle, grilled oriental meatballs with grilled pita bread and harissa sauce, lemon chicken with its deliciously silky potato purée… and many more surprise dishes quite different from what regulars are used to eat at Vassilenas!

Delicious soul food for all! Sunday lunchtime is a moment to relax and share with friends and family!

Find the menu here.

Every Sunday 1-5 pm.

Reservations: (+30) 210 7210501 or here.



Holidays & Opening Hours

Sunday 24/12, Christmas Eve 19.00-24.00, Monday 25/12, Christmas Day 13.00-23.00 Tusday 26/12, 13.00-23.00 Sunday 31/12, New Year’s Eve 19.00-24.00, Monday 1/1, New Year’s Day 13.00-17.00

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